Baking Classes at Le Pain Quotidien


Baking classes schedule

Le Pain Quotidien is a well-known chain specializing in honest seasonal foods and to-die-for baked goods. The first store was opened in Brussels when the chef became totally disillusioned with local bread. Alain Coumont started experimenting with different doughs and developed some techniques that are totally his signature. He equipped his store with antique furniture, including one large communal table. He now has the shops all around the world, but some things never changed, like recipes and large group seating.

Pain, turnover, croissant
Le Pain Quotidien has opened its doors to all who wanted to learn how to bake or to improve their skills. Right after dark the stores in St Paul’s, Borough Market, and everywhere else become a beautiful place to mingle, share a few laughs, and learn a few home economics tricks. It’s usually a sea of women and men preparing amazing products right where they live.
When you come to a class at any Le Pain Quotidien, you will find all the ingredients already weighted and prepared. All you will have to do is have fun, mix, knead, and do some piping. And who doesn’t love that?
The numbers of cooks vary every night and at every location, but imagine fourteen or so people grating, whipping, and whisking mince pies and scrumptious cookies to perfection under the watchful eye of pastry chefs. Pure perfection, isn’t it?
Some refreshments are provided for all participants to keep the spirit going. The class can last for over 2 hours, but most pastry chefs-in-training get so immersed in the art of baking, that the last thing they notice is time. Open-face sandwiches are often served and usually disappear right away, that’s how good they are. After all, you need something in the belly while waiting for your perfect baked goods to come out from the oven.
All participants get to take their boxed creations home. You will come home with cookies, pies, recipes, and memories to last. And maybe even new friendships?
The class like that can be given as a perfect gift for someone who is new at baking and for very experienced bakers. You give them an awesome opportunity to learn something new from highly experienced Patissier and that is priceless. Most people come back for more. The good company is very important too and there is never a shortage of that.

pain and baguette
A small fee of about $40 includes two beverages of your choice, a couple of tasty open sandwiches, and baked goods to take home. All other experience is priceless. So how about a gift of learning to cook orange Madeleines for Christmas for all bakers in your life?
To book classes and inquire about rates, you can email Le Pain Quotidien or tweet your questions to them.