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Unique Gifts from Amazon

Amazon holiday gifts

Amazon is a place that we all love to buy everyday stuff at, but we rarely think of it when we want to find unique and extravagant gifts. We often think that cool products and things that we have never seen before are easier to find at young and hip startups. However, Amazon does have some pretty amazing stuff and we are so used to shopping there that browsing and ordering is a breeze, making the whole experience very nice. Best of all, Amazon is a perfect place to do all the holiday shopping at once and be done with it.

If you are tired of shopping for kitchen utensils and home organization items on Amazon, give it a second chance and enjoy some extraordinary stuff!

Let’s take a look at 15 items that are bound to capture your attention:

  • Umbra Subway Wall Hook, $30

This contemporary art piece serves a higher purpose than just hooks on the wall – it can remind your gift recipient of all the tribes and tribulations of public transportation.

  • GoPro Fetch Dog Harness, $30.40

You and your loved ones can now see life through the dog’s perspective and who wouldn’t want to do and record that?

  • R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid, $39.99

This cute little droid will come to life when programmed on the app and will entertain its owners while walking around the house and reacting to movies and people.

  • Back to the Roots Water Garden, $69.99

This little ecosystem is self-sustaining. The fish fertilizes the plants while the plant roots keep water clean for the fish. In addition to that, you will really enjoy having this cool thing on your counter with greens ready for eating in 10 days.

  • Echo Buttons, $19.99

These buttons are made to be tapped fast when the brains think fast. Game nights will never be the same with these devices that can also serve for Alexa routes in various rooms.

  • Scourge BoomBottle Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $99.95

If you find yourself stranded in the great outdoors and in a need of some entertainment, have this device handy. It can mound magnetically to any metal surface, open your beer bottle, and offer great sound quality for 12 continuous hours of playback. It even has a microphone!

  • Chicago Metallic Professional Lasagna Trio Pan, $21.77

The pan is non-stick and fits standard size lasagna noodles. You can elevate your kitchen experiments to a whole new level with this pan, and we are not talking just lasagna – think breads, cakes, and potato dishes.

  • Motiv Ring, $199.99

This ring not only looks cool, but tracks the same things as a fitness watch – your steps, heart rate, and sleep activity. Its battery has a 3 day life and the entire device is waterproof.

  • Rosemary Necklace by Michael Michaud, $299.99

Granted, you won’t be able to use it in your cooking, but the hand-cast bronze accessory is going to attract attention in the kitchen and beyond.

  • Corkcicle Cigar Glass, $24.95

An Old Fashioned and a great cigar do go hand in hand, but with this glass you can rest your hand from holding the cigar and place it in the special compartment.

  • Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit, $79.99

Kids of six years and older really enjoy coding lessons to create magic with this wand. They can make feathers fly and objects multiply. All the instructions are included for easy learning.

  • Tinkertory Succulent Cactus Candles, $11.57

This is a perfect gift for gardeners in your life. These cute candles will be a perfect touch to their home and will fit perfectly with the real things.

  • MoMA Perpetual Wall Calendar, $39.95

This wall calendar is here to make all other calendars dull in comparison. It includes over 40,000 of colorful combinations, so you will never be bored.

  • Goat Story Mug, $36.50

While this horn shaped mug reminds us of the past and the legend that coffee beans were discovered by a shepherd and his goats, it also makes it modern and appealing to today’s office. It has two straps and a holder, which doubles as a stand.

  • Cricut Maker, $378.48

Once you try this, you will never go back to hand cutting. This machine works with hundreds of materials and offers its own digital patterns cut to perfection, making your crafting that much more pleasurable.




Free Amazon Shipping for Everyone

amazon gifts under $25 promotion

There might be some great unexpected news this pre-holiday season – shoppers learned today that Amazon will be offering free shipping for everyone, not just Amazon Prime members. The e-commerce giant has just found another way to draw more sales and gift buying craze its way with this brave move.

Starting this Monday, Amazon will ship everything free without any order minimum or limitation as long as the package is scheduled to arrive before Christmas. This is the only condition.

This move is unprecedented in Amazon’s history and will apply to hundreds of millions of items that get shipped all over US before the biggest gift giving holidays of the year. This deal is the largest such shipping selection in the country.

Amazon’s step in this direction can be explained by wanting to stay firmly ahead of competing retailers like Target and Walmart. Both of them are offering free 2-day shipping this year just in time for holidays in hopes of taking some of Amazon’s market share. It doesn’t look like it’s going to work as Amazon is not the one to lose easily.

As Black Friday is approaching, retailers both online and brick-and-mortar are competing who can slash prices the most as the stakes are very high this year to make a living in just over a month.

As much as $270 billion in sales are awaiting the most attractive deals and stores with the best offers, so there is no wonder that competition is high. While potential profits might be on a low side for retailers, consumers will benefit from this race to the lowest price and the fastest free shipping this holiday season.


Best Amazon Deals and Shopping Secrets

If you ever shopped on Amazon, you know how attractive and convenient that is. So much so that it might be hard to stay away, especially if you add some secrets and deals into this mix.

On Amazon you can shop for just about everything from the comfort of your home, so it’s hard to believe that such shopping can get any better, but it can with understanding how Amazon really works. The site has to offer a lot more than just easy shopping, but all those offers are not evident right away. You can enjoy discounts, breezy returns, free shipping, and many other perks as a Prime member.

Take a look at the list of our favorite Amazon hacks that can work for first time users and members alike. You can definitely find something that works for you.

Deals for non-members

Free shipping for all

Yes, you read it correctly. This year Amazon decided to follow Target and Walmart and offers free 2 day shipping for non-members all the way through Christmas delivery, as long as your item is scheduled to be delivered before Christmas. Take advantage of that and get some shopping done!

Holiday return policies

When you buy something on Amazon that Amazon fulfills and delivers, you can return those unused items for whatever reason in 30 days. This applies to all the third party sellers on Amazon marketplace and products made by Amazon itself. This policy works for everything all year long. However, before holidays Amazon modifies this rule a bit to make customers even bigger winners.

If you buy something before November 1st and December 31st, you can return those items until January 31st. This allows for almost 3 months return if you shop at the beginning of November. It applies for Black Friday ad Cyber Monday purchases too, so you can take your winter vacation in peace knowing that you have plenty of time to return everything when you come back.

If you have hard time deciding between two gifts for your husband, get both and compare them at home until your heart settles on one; ship another one back at your convenience.

Shopping at Amazon Warehouse

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those products that people send back? They end up at Amazon Warehouse, where still working and only slightly used items are sold again for as much as 50% off.

This used item market is definitely worth your attention as most people send items back in great shape. You will be able to read the description of condition before buying and will be notified about packaging or if it’s missing after the returns were received. You can find great selection of electronics, toys, furniture, video games, and much more.

Granted, Amazon Warehouse does not have the same selection of items as Amazon marketplace, but you can find amazing deals on brand new stuff, like an unlocked cell phone or open box of power tools. When you know what you need, take a look at the Warehouse before buying new – you might find the same thing and pay just half the price.

Alerts for deals

If you fall in love with a product on Amazon, but don’t have the budget for it right away, you can set alerts for that item to be notified when the price goes down. Amazon prices change all the time. Some items get reduced for a while and then can become more expensive, when the supply is low to discourage the demand for a while. The alerts will be able to inform you when your favorite item is on one of those low price periods.

Setting up this alert is pretty easy: go to “Today’s Deals” section and select “Upcoming” filter. Loot at the things available there and if you find something you like, select “Watch this deal” and you will be notified when it becomes cheaper. This will save you both money and time, when you don’t have to look the product up all the time waiting for a great deal.

Amazon Prime members

Amazon Household

Having Prime membership is great – you can get free 2 day shipping, stream movies on Prime Video, enjoy loads of free music, store pictures, read free books, and get sales and deals notifications. You can also share these membership perks with all members of your household.

Amazon Household lets you link all the family accounts to one Prime Membership. The household can have two adults and multiple teens or adolescence, who will have slightly limited capabilities. With this service, everybody in your family will enjoy free shipping, streaming of music and videos, Twitch Prime, and others.

Another option for young families is to sign up for Amazon Family and get 20% off diapers and baby food. If you open baby registry, you can enjoy 15% discount on items there.

This way Prime membership covers more people, so your dollars spent go a little further and get more benefits for the same price. Free shipping, movies and TV shows are included, so your family won’t have to spend money anywhere else to use those services.

No rush shipping

Not many people know this, but if you don’t need your items right away, select “No Rush” shipping option at checkout instead of “Free 2-Day shipping”. You will be surprised how Amazon will thank you later in form of deals and discounts. The discount on purchase you are making or rewards for later can be visible right away sometimes.

Allowing Amazon to deliver your order without rush will definitely give you some benefits and you might enjoy free services or products as a thank you from the company.

Use Amazon for charity

While saving money and time on Amazon, you can also benefit others in the process. You can use Amazon Smile service while shopping to select your favorite charity and 0.5% of your purchase amount will be donated to it. Logging onto your account through will take you to the place where you can pick a charity and get started. You can change your selection any time you want. With over 1 million participating charities, you can pick one locally and do some good for your community.

Another way to give back is using They offer to ship your donated goods to charities as long as you use Amazon boxes. This way you will support the good cause and the environment with box recycling.

Amazon Coupons

  • Subscribe and save – if you know what your family uses the most and needs regular refills, subscribe to automatic regular deliveries and get up to 15% off.
  • Home and kitchen coupons – chances are you are spending majority of your time at home. Amazon knows that and is ready to reward you with coupons for many kitchen and home appliances, accessories, and small electronics. You will find those coupons automatically applied to some items.
  • Pet supplies – pet grooming tools, products, and food often carry coupons to make your life easier. Some discounts are as high as 20%.
  • Electronic coupons – technology is all around us, but it’s not cheap. When you are ready to buy something new, check out if some brands and items have a coupon at that time. Wait if you can for a deal that is definitely bound to happen as Amazon discounts many items periodically.
  • Office and school – anything you can use at school or in the office can be discounted on Amazon, so look around for a great deal.
  • Lawn and garden – most of garden tools for maintenance have coupons, especially during an off-season.

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