21 Gifts from Sur La Table

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If you have a foodie or a baker on your Christmas list, Sur La Table is definitely a place for their gifts.

Sur La Table Gift Set

They have plenty of gifts for those who love to cook, those who are still learning, or people who like to eat a lot more than cook.

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The retailer offers cookware, specialty ingredients, and kitchen gadgets from legacy brands like Le Creuset, widely known brands like KitchenAid, and even its own in-house label.

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Cook books, every kitchen machine, coffee makers, knives, aprons, cutting boards, and thousands of other products can be found at Sur La Table, making gift picking a breeze.

Sur La Table Christmas Gifts

Take a look at what we think is really cool for 2019 gift giving season:

Cuisinart Easypop Hot Air Popcorn Maker - $39.95

Load this baby up with popcorn kernels and you’ll have their movie night made to perfection.

Sur la Tabla Popcorn Sale

Onion Goggles – $22.95

Now this one we are buying for ourselves and for everybody we know because we want to cry from jokes about these goggles instead of onion tears.

Soup and sandwich serving plate - $15

Sur La Table Christmas Serving Plates Deals

This plate with space for sandwich and soup is simple yet genius and will help them reduce the need for washing many dishes after every healthy lunch.

Sur la Table Holiday Serving Plates

Zyliss Oyster Tool - $14.95

Save your bare hands and use this to shuck your oysters from now on. You can add a few oyster forks and you’ll have the best gift for an oyster lover on your list.

Kitchen Tools & Colanders

Slate Cheese Board with Slicer - $35

Cheese display is destined to look great with this board, a mix of bamboo and slate. Added slicer will help that cheese to get cut evenly and perfectly every time.

Cheese Board with Slicer

Recipe cocktail shaker - $5.99

If you feel that somebody can use a few tricks when it comes to drink making, give them this and enjoy the next party at their house that much more.

Chef’n Saladshears Salad Chopper - $9.95

Do you know somebody who likes chopping salad leaves piece by piece? Neither do we, so give them this and brighten their salad making days. It can be used on a board or directly in the bowl.

Sur La Table Salad Choppers

Glass Canister with Olivewood lid - $22-$28

All dry goods will look great in those stylish canisters and will be protected from moisture for the ultimate freshness.

Glass Canisters for Dry Goods

Stasher Reusable Storage Bags, set of 3 - $33.95

Stasher Reusable Storage Bags

No plastic is fantastic + your loved ones will save money with these reusable silicone bags that are easy to wash and can be frozen or microwaved.

Stasher Reusable Storage Bags Discount

Le Creuset Signature Deep Round Dutch Oven, 5.25 quart - $199.96

Le Creuset Signature Deep Round Dutch Oven

Every cook should have one of these beauties in the kitchen. The enameled cast iron pot is great for making everything, from meats to desserts. It’s not cheap, but it will last a lifetime.

Emile Henry Flame Burgundy Pizza Stone - $44.95

Pizza Screen

Pizza lovers will definitely appreciate the taste their pizza will get when cooked on this clay stone over stovetop, grill, or even in the oven. The stone can be heated to scorching temperatures for soft inside and crispy crust.

Pizza Stone at Sur la Table

KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - $99.95

Every fashionable coffee drinker should have a cold brew machine these days, so there, you can thank us later. They will only need coffee grounds, cold water, and 24 hours.

KitchenAid Coffee Maker at Sur La Table

Lodge Chef Collection Skillet, $29.95 - $39.95

Cast Iron Skillets at Sur La Table

Cast iron skillets are for forever and get better with time with proper care, so this gift will last a lifetime and will remind them of you, always.

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Pasta Red Jacquard Kitchen Towel - $15

Kitchen Towel That Lists all Different Types of Pasta

This towel is going to come handy, literally and when talking about pasta. It features illustrations and names of various pasta and can help him or her feel like a proper Italian.

Fusion Brands PoachPods, set of 2 - $9.95

Fusion Brands PoachPods

Poached eggs are in and those pods will make cooking them easy even for the most inexperienced poachers. The pods are non-stick and cook eggs to perfection while floating in boiling water.

Cole & Mason Hampstead Electric Salt and Pepper Mills - $55

Salt and Pepper Mills

No more twisting and turning for fresh pepper and salt – these cool looking babies work with a touch of the button and look extra sleek for a modern kitchen. They can be set as fine, coarse, and anything in between.

Nordic Ware Geo Mini Bundt Pan - $38

Those 6 little shapes can make cooking extra fun and provide great holiday baking opportunities.

Mini Bundt Pan

Shun Classic Santoku Knife - $134.95

This personal samurai sword should be in every kitchen. It is sharp and durable; it slices and dices everything, so not many other knives are needed once they have this.

Wood Slice Coasters, set of 4 - $19.95

Mango wood coasters will fit rustic kitchens just as nicely as those uber-modern cooking heavens.

Sur La Table Decor

Cooking class - $49

Sur La Table Cooking Classes Discount

for all levels and skills and that feature various themes, from knife skills to pasta making and baking. Contact the nearest location for more info.

Sur La Table Cooking Classes Coupon

Swissmar Fusion Table Grill - $109.99

Not everybody has a grill outside or even wants one, but this little gadget can compensate for that and offer extra entertainment. It comes with six spatulas for more than one cook attending the cooking party. This makes a very unusual and fashionable gift for sure!