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How to Use Clearance Baking Products Creatively

Celebrating your family's special occasions with homemade cakes is a wonderful way to show how much you care and… save money. By choosing the ingredients and décor yourself you can easily spend less than half of what a fancy bakery made cake may cost. For example, a boxed cake mix and a can of frosting will cost maximum $5 at the local store. And if you shop during the sales plus use coupons, this price will be twice less!

Here's a little secret how to save even more. After Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or Independence Day you will find lots of extremely cheap clearance items, like organic pumpkin for 50 cents a can, or fresh cranberries for 69 cents a bag, or canned frosting for just 40 cents a can and cake mixes for 30 cents! And don't think that if the frosting has sprinkles it is supposed to be used only for decorating Christmas cakes. Just don't use the sprinkles and underneath there is simply green frosting and white cake. Without the sprinkles you can get a very cheap birthday cake.

When the holiday is over many stores offer these holiday items at a much reduced price striving to sell them quickly. It's important to check expiration dates. Very often the expiration dates are months away so it makes sense to stock up. For example, you can create an incredibly tasty birthday cake using the inexpensive clearance ingredients and decorate it with "flowers" that are in fact snowflake sprinkles. No one would ever think that the cake was baked with Christmas baking items.

So holiday clearance baking products can be easily used for non-holiday purposes and save you lots of cash. You will save even more if you use promo codes you can always find at Promo Codes 2016.

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